24/7 Studio Access


Train whenever you want?
Now possible in the Pole Acrobatics Studio!

Secure your unlimited access to the studio today and train pole dance, aerial hoop, flying pole and much more.

The thick crash mats, yoga blocks, yoga mats, blackrolls, therabands and much more are of course on site to support your training


To book a subscription, you can simply book yourself into a "Studio access" lesson in our timetable.

You will then receive your access code and can train in the studio 24/7. Click here for the timetable.


2 months only CHF 249





Billing address

MB Fitness GmbH

Zürcherstrasse 47

8620 Wetzikon


Tel: 078 907 52 19

Mail: info@poleacrobatics.ch


Pole Acrobatics Studio

Zürcherstrasse 47

8620 Wetzikon